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Have you ever wanted to do something but didn’t have support from your family or people around you? Not only were they not supporting you, but they actively discouraged you from pursuing your dream? Have you ever been there?

Is it any wonder with all of their disbelief and negativity that they unloaded onto you that you get to the point of thinking…..maybe they are right. Maybe I shouldn’t be doing what I do because it is too risky, or the economy is bad, or you don’t have enough money or whatever else comes to mind. It Isn’t easy to cope with even the idea of things going wrong.
Have you had the same challenge? Was it mentally and emotionally painful?

Let me tell you something, you are not the only one going through this pain and discomfort. There are many people looking to break through this hardship and make their dreams come true. Is a test life gives you and once you pass it – you will go to a new level of comfort and amazing accomplishment.

You will see the materialisation of your dreams and most important of all, now you feel peace within yourself. You are at peace with you and the process you have been through. You know now, that all the difficulties and the unpleasantness was given to you so that you could grow out of it and become a better person, a better soul.

Today you are not the same person as you were a year ago, not even one month ago, not even one day ago. Whenever you see someone who is happy, joyful and fulfilled and looking to grow even more, just remember – that doesn’t happen without some obstacles and challenges that we have to overcome.

Regardless of what you are going through in life – just keep going! There is a saying “if you are going through hell – keep on going”.

Nothing in this life lasts forever good or bad. Make the most of it! Life is too short and it isn’t worth wasting time complaining, moaning and groaning every day. Re-assess yourself, look at where you are right now and where you want to go. Make a plan and be willing to change it as often as required. Take calculated risks and just do it!

I’d like to finish with one of my quotes “If you strongly believe in something and you know you should be doing it. Stop wishing and start doing”.

Strive for more, become better and live your life on purpose!

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