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Buying a new home is everyone’s dream—a new place to live in and build your family. Would you a bungalow, a terrace, semi detached, detached, cottage, city center apartment !   So many choices!

Choosing your home doesn’t just end with the type of house you would want to go for. There are other things you have to consider when purchasing your dream house.

Location, location, location!

The location is the most essential factor that you have to look at when purchasing a house as it will have a very significant impact towards your lifestyle. How far is it from your workplace? Are there schools nearby? Do you have easy access to shops and hospitals and transport links?

Let me give you a tip. Even if you don’t have kids, live in an area with well-known schools because if you decide to sell it one day, the kind of school around it will help you gain value for your home. Makes sense?

Neighbours Are Important

Neighborhood is another thing to consider when buying a house. Perfect neighbours for some are neighbours from hell for others.  If you like a quiet life you might want to live where there are a lot of retirees for example.  The type of people around you plays a significant role in the level of comfort that you are going to achieve once you are settled in your home sweet home.

Another factor to consider when choosing the house to purchase is security. What do I mean by that? Well, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to live in fear—fear of crime. It is important that you decide on settling down in a place that allows you to sleep peacefully at night and wake up with a grin on your face because you don’t have to worry about drug addicts scattered along the streets or burglars breaking into your back door.

Flood is also a risk in some areas of the country. It doesn’t just put lives at risk but our valuable household appliances, furnishings and personal items as well. Talk about waste of money. This is why it is also important for you to carefully research if the place where you are planning to move to is at risk of flooding.

Looking for the perfect place to settle down is a complex job, but nothing is as rewarding as finding the ideal home that really suits your taste. If you need some help locating your ‘Home Sweet Home’ – get in touch – we are here to help!


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