Home    5 Property Care Tips this Summer 

Summer is finally here! I know you are excited to go on holiday or have some barbeques with friends and family. But while enjoying the holiday season, now is also the best time to check things around your home and do some property repairs or make some home and garden preparations for the warmer weather (if we get some!).  Even homes deserve a makeover, don’t you agree?

Read further and learn our property care tips:-


  • Freshen Up Your Garden 


Waking up to a well-trimmed and beautifully green lawn is one of the things we love about mornings. In very hot weather (we can hope) and as long as there is not a hose pipe ban, sprinkling water around your lawn at least once a day will keep your lawn look green during summer. It may be time to spread some lawn seed to cover bare patches.

Take out the weeds as they aren’t healthy for your lawn. Control overhanging trees and branches and trim hedges and bushes. Here’s a top tip: Cut out the old dead wood at the bottom of the plant to develop new roots. Check with instructions as some plants are better trimmed in spring or autumn.

Finally – take the opportunity to paint your fences, sheds, wooden benches and anything else made from wood in your garden. A yearly application of fence paint will add years to the life of your fence/shed etc, saves you money in the long run and makes the place look cared for and smart.


  • Watch Out for Leaks and Mould 


Water damage can seriously destroy your property especially if not treated right away. Rainfall and humid days make your home more at risk for damp which can cause mould. Mould doesn’t just cause a musty odor in your home, but it can also seriously affects you and your family’s health.


  • Inspect and Lighten Up Your Walls 


Spring and early summertime is the best time to touch up your walls with new colors. You can start by checking your walls for cracks or peeling. But even if you don’t see any damage, painting your walls, windows and other parts of your home is best done during summer time because the paint will blend better on dry surfaces, and dry quicker as you can leave the windows open and that will give you a more resilient finish. Imagine how it feels to have all windows open, hear the birds chirping outside and smell the fresh summer breeze while adding a new coat on your wall. Nice feeling, isn’t it?


  • Examine Your Roof for Any Damage 


Summer is the best season to take away the rubbish on the roof such as tiny stones, dust, moss and dried leaves. Also, check for blockages in the gutter which cause water to pile up and cause drips. I’m sure the last thing that you want to see is leaks along your ceiling as this is big hassle to many property owners. Clear your gutters and valleys at least twice a year and observe some roof inclines because these could be a sign that your roof needs immediate fixing.



  • Get Rid of Household Pests 


Several little creatures might already be living in your beloved home and this is truly annoying. Wasps are a particular nuisance at this time of year and they just love building nests in fruit trees, or the eaves of your roof!  Ants are another biggie!  You can buy stuff yourself from a garden center but it might be better to get a professional pest control firm to free your mind from worrying about these creepy-crawlies. Cleanliness is comfy-ness.

Summertime is indeed one of the best times to spend with your family. What could be better than spending it in a well-maintained, cozy and fresh-looking home? Here in Enlighten, we care about your property and your enjoyment of it. You can also check our twitter and facebook page for other information.

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