Home    4 Reasons Why You Need an Estate Agent

When buying or selling a home, you may be wondering whether you need to go to an estate agent or not. Yes, there are different options available online now for property buyers and sellers but there is one thing that no one can find in any of those—a real estate agent’s wealth of skills and experience. In this article, you are going to learn about the value of an agent apart from the obvious – finding a nice property for interested buyers.

A real estate agent offers convenience. It is an agent’s sole job to act as liaison between buyers and sellers so they have immediate access to many properties. Rather than looking for a property that fits your wish list yourself, an estate agent can track down properties that meet your preference by just using their connections. Aside from that, the agent will set the appointment with the sellers for you to visit and check the property. In best cases, there are agents who won’t even let you waste your time checking out a property because they know right away if it’ll fit your criteria.

If you are the seller on the other hand, you can save time from making calls, answering queries and setting appointments to interested buyers if you have an estate agent who will do those things for you. Take note that potential buyers are likely to move on if the seller seems busy or doesn’t respond immediately.

An estate agent has the pricing expertise. Being very experienced in what they are doing, real estate agents can tell the price of a property the minute they walk through the door. Aside from that, they can also tell how well a neighborhood holds its value. So with an estate agent, you have the right source to refer to whether the property is over or underpriced.

An estate agent will take care of the paper work. Who wants paper work? Agents do! Buying or selling a property requires tons of paper work from the written offer and counteroffer, signed counteroffer, contracts, repairs that need to be done and much more. Just the thought of the paper work is already exhausting. This is when estate agents can save you from the headache. They will simply take care of everything and all you have to do is sign. Moreover, they are experts in handling contracts. They are familiar with the right conditions to use and when they can be safely be taken out. They even know how to use a contract to protect you, whether you’re a buyer or seller.

An estate agent can help you avoid closing problems. When closing a deal, there are some pitfalls that can kill it in the final hours. An agent knows when there’s trouble before it’s too late. One example is an unclear title or where there is one person who hasn’t signed off on the sale. Issues like this should be avoided upon closing the deal and that’s when an estate agent can save your day.

Buying or selling a property, come to think of it, isn’t as simple as it may seem. Though there are undoubtedly people who are qualified to sell their own properties, the process that they will have to go through requires so much time and effort. Unless you are fully aware of all the processes and have plenty of free time, then let an estate agent do it for you.

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